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High-Performance Production of Viral Vectors for Cell and Gene Therapy Using OptiPEAK HEK293t Complete Media

Posted By Jeanne McAdara Ph.D. on 6/24/20 9:33 AM

HEK293t cells are an indispensable tool for the production of the viral vectors at the heart of cell and gene therapy technology. To introduce a way to improve performance, consistency, and safety of your HEK293-based production InVitria’s team released a new video that talks about our serum-free chemically defined media product, OptiPEAK HEK293t Complete Media.

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Expansion of Adherent HEK293t Cells in Flasks in Chemically Defined Cell Culture Media

Posted By Attie Pennybaker on 11/18/19 4:34 PM

Workflow Summary:

New call-to-actionCombine supplements of OptiPEAK HEK293t media. Generate stock solutions and prepare reagents. Adapt HEK293t cells in log phase growth from serum to OptiPEAK HEK293t chemically defined, serum free media. Subculture HEK293t cells every 2-3 days in T-75 flasks, calculating doubling time and population doublings to determine cumulative expansion results.

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