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InVitria Expands Operations to Anschutz Medical Campus in the Denver Metro Area

To enable further growth and expansion of our team and operations, InVitria is moving our Colorado location to Anschutz Medical Campus. The larger facility will help the InVitria team as we continue to expand our product line of blood-free supplements, components and media to facilitate the approval of life changing medicines.

InVitria at Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver

A Biotech Research & Education Hub

Located in the Denver metro area near the Rocky Mountains, the 230-acre Anschutz Medical Campus offers over ten million square feet of newly-built patient care, research and education facilities. This Denver area has become a rapidly growing area for biopharma and is ranked #13 in the country based on life sciences employment, venture capital funding and several other criteria. InVitria will be moving into the Bioscience 1 building effective July 30th 2018.

“The Anschutz Medical Campus is an ideal location for our Colorado facility.” says Scott Deeter, CEO of InVitria, “there’s a deep and growing biotech talent pool in the area that understands the industry and I’m excited that this move will foster more opportunities for future university research collaborations and strategic partnerships within biopharma in Denver.”

Continuing Expansion in Kansas


InVitria is also expanding operations at our location in Junction City, Kansas. The expansion of our facilities will help us as we develop our custom blood-free media formulation services. These services will allow us to provide a unique blood-free complete media formulation that is designed to be consistent, defined and recombinant – throughout a client’s specific manufacturing process and methods.

These expansions in Kansas and the relocation of our Colorado office to the Anschutz Medical Campus will help InVitria as we strive to become the global leader for blood-free components, supplements and media. For more information on our recent move and what this means for our future research efforts, please visit or contact us by emailing  

Scott Deeter

Written by Scott Deeter

Mr. Deeter is InVitria’s President and CEO and works with InVitria’s customers and partners to help them achieve their cell culture performance, regulatory and quality objectives by implementing the innovative technologies and blood-free cell culture products developed by InVitria’s scientists.