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Randy Alfano Ph.D.

Randy Alfano Ph.D.
Dr. Alfano leads InVitria’s product development team, where he utilizes his expertise in cell biology to optimize cell culture media formulations and design cell culture systems used in cell therapy, gene therapy, vaccines, and regenerative medicine.
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Stabilizing Virus with Albumin to Improve Yield

Posted By Randy Alfano Ph.D. on 10/22/19 11:02 AM

Workflow Summary:

Expand virus-producing cells to desired confluency. RemoveNew call-to-action growth medium and add the desired virus to be expanded (virus or plasmid DNA). Add Exbumin (Product Number: 777HSA097S) to the expression media and allow virus to propagate. Harvest culture and determine virus titer by preferred method.

Here, a general protocol is described for the addition of recombinant albumin, in the form of the product Exbumin, to virus production systems to stabilize infectious particles and thereby maximize viral yield.


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T Regulatory Cells, The Next T Cell Frontier?

Posted By Randy Alfano Ph.D. on 5/28/19 8:09 AM

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Treg Summit in Boston to listen to the ground-breaking clinical and preclinical research in re-balancing the immune system in the context of autoimmunity and organ transplant via the use of polyclonal or antigen-induced T regulatory cells. Overall, this cell therapy holds immense promise as evidenced by both preclinical models and early clinical evaluations.

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Virus Production Using VERO Cells with Microcarriers Without Serum in Chemically Defined Cell Culture Media

Posted By Randy Alfano Ph.D. on 4/2/19 11:30 AM

OptiVERO App Note #3 Download CTA ButtonWorkflow Summary:

Combine supplements of OptiVEROPrepare complementary reagents. Wash cells to remove traces of FBS and harvest from growth surface. Seed in OptiVERO and expand in cell culture flasks for at least 3 passages to allow for adaptation. Prepare microcarrier system, inoculate with VERO cells, and incubate 3-4 days for adhesion and expansion. Add virus of interest in minimal basal MEM. Incubate for 2 hours at 37°C. Add fresh OptiVERO. Allow virus expansion for 3-13 days. Quantify virus by desired method.

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ECI Conference 2019: The Latest Innovations and Trends in Cell & Gene Therapy

Posted By Randy Alfano Ph.D. on 2/4/19 8:36 AM

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Join InVitria at ECI 2019

Posted By Randy Alfano Ph.D. on 1/28/19 9:53 AM

January 27th - 31st InVitria will be in California for Engineering Conferences International: Advancing Manufacturing Cell & Gene Therapy VI. This unique conference will focus on the technological challenges and engineering solutions in the cell and gene therapy field. Limited to 400 participants, this conference is an opportunity for key academic and industrial leaders in the space to showcase and discuss new and existing approaches.  

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