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Marcus Curl

Marcus Curl
Marcus Curl, a Product Applications Scientist at InVitria, specializes in supporting customer success throughout the application of InVitria’s chemically defined, blood-free products. Marcus focuses on facilitating the removal of animal-derived components from cell therapy, gene therapy, and stem cell therapy. Marcus carries a strong background in the design and production of recombinant proteins in non-mammalian expression systems as well as optimizing blood-free, chemically defined cell culture media. Before joining InVitria, Marcus graduated from the Claremont Colleges with a degree in Biology.

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Exploring the Latest Research and Opportunities in T-reg Therapy

Posted By Marcus Curl on 5/14/19 1:20 PM

Worldwide, researchers and industry leaders are improving health outcomes for patients by utilizing the multi-functional efficacy of regulatory t cells to develop novel therapies and disease treatments. Regulatory T cells, commonly referred to as ‘T-regs’, play a critical role in maintaining order in the human immune system by regulating and suppressing excessive inflammation. Given the therapeutic potential of T-regs for patients with autoimmune diseases, cancer, and organ transplants, both researchers and industry leaders are developing novel therapies that utilize the multi-functional efficacy of T-reg cells in disease treatments to improve health outcomes for patients. 

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