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Reducing Serum-Associated Contaminants from Growth Media in Primary Cell Culture

Posted By Attie Pennybaker on 3/4/19 12:30 PM

ITSE App Note #1 Download CTA ButtonWorkflow Summary:

Supplement basal media with ITSE + A to a final 1x-2x concentration. Reduce typical percentage of added FBS by 50-90%. Expand cells as normal in ITSE + A supplemented media for desired expansion time. Perform post-expansion cell count and doubling-time calculation.

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Expansion of VERO Cells Without Serum in Chemically Defined Cell Culture Media

Posted By Annie Cunningham on 2/27/19 2:02 PM

OptiVERO App Note #1 Download CTA ButtonWorkflow Summary:

Combine supplements of OptiVERO Serum Free Media (SFM). Prepare complementary reagents. Wash cells to remove traces of donor serum. Remove cells from growth surface. Wash and collect cells. Centrifuge. Resuspend. Count. Seed in OptiVERO SFM. 

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Universal Vaccine Against Seasonal Influenza Steps Closer to Reality with the Results of FluGen Phase 2 Clinical Trial

Posted By Jeanne McAdara Ph.D. on 2/19/19 10:00 AM

On Tuesday, the vaccine company FluGen announced promising preliminary results from a placebo-controlled, Phase 2 clinical trial of their investigational intranasal influenza vaccine, M2SR, in 99 healthy adults challenged with the A/Belgium/4217/2015, H3N2 strain.

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Expansion of T Cells without Serum in Chemically Defined Media

Posted By Annie Cunningham on 2/18/19 8:41 AM

OptiPEAK Application Note Download CTAWorkflow Summary:

Combine supplements of OptiPEAK T Lymphocyte media. Isolate human T lymphocytes from whole blood. Wash to remove traces of donor serum. Activate and expand T lymphocytes (7-10 days) in OptiPEAK T Lymphocyte serum free media. Harvest T lymphocytes. Perform post-expansion, flow cytometric analysis of phenotypic surface markers.

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ECI Conference 2019: The Latest Innovations and Trends in Cell & Gene Therapy

Posted By Randy Alfano Ph.D. on 2/4/19 8:36 AM

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